Club triumph autosolo 2016 Gaydon May 8th

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Club triumph autosolo 2016 Gaydon May 8th

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I have been emailed about the club triumph autosolo being held on May 8th at Gaydon. I have done this event several times now and it is great fun and filled with interesting classics. I am putting the info I have been given below. If you want full details and an entry list please PM me with your email address and I will send over entry forms.

Club Triumph

Gaydon Historic AutoSolo

Sunday 8th May 2016

Club Triumph Gaydon AutoSolo

Sunday 8th May 2016

1. Club Triumph will organise a Clubmans AutoSolo event on Sunday, 8th May 2016. The Event will be held at The British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Warwickshire, CV35 0BJ, map co-ordinates are N52º 11’ 20.7” / W001º 28’ 44.7”.

2. The meeting will be governed by the General Regulations of the MSA (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), these Supplementary Regulations and any written instructions that the organising club may issue for the Event.

3. MSA permit has been applied for.

4. The Event is open to fully elected members of Club Triumph and members of the following invited clubs:

Bedford Car Club,

Chelmsford Motor Club,

Civil Service Motoring Association,

Dolphin Motor Club,

Falcon Motor Club,

Historic Rally Car Register,

Mercian Motorsport and

Oxford Motor Club,

5. The Event is a round of the Club Triumph 2016 AutoSolo Mini Series.

6. The entry list opens on the publication of these Supplementary Regulations and closes on Tuesday 3rd May 2016. Entries received before Monday 25th April 2016 will be charged at £35.00, thereafter at £40.00.

Please make cheques payable to Club Triumph Limited. All entries must be made on the official Entry Form and accompanied by the appropriate entry fee. Incorrect entry fees will not be accepted until corrected. All entries made before the closing date will be acknowledged by either e-mail or telephone. Entries received after the closing date may be accepted at the organiser’s discretion.

7. All competitors must produce a valid Club Membership Card.

8. Essentially this Event is for historic vehicles built before 31st December 1984, however class E is for vehicles registered post 1984. Therefore there will be five classes as follows:

A. Production Sports cars with engines up to 1500cc

B. Production Saloon cars with engines up to 1500cc

C. Production cars with engines between 1501 to 2000cc except Triumph 2000’s

D. Production cars with engines over 2001cc

E. All vehicles registered after 31st December, 1984

The minimum for each class is 3, below that and the class will be amalgamated with the one that is the most suitable.

All entered cars must be road legal. Cars must have been driven to the event via the public highway, except at the organisers previous knowledge and discretion. All cars must have a current MOT certificate, if applicable, to be shown at Scrutineering.

9. The maximum number of entrants will be 50, the minimum number will be 25. If the minimum number is not reached, the organisers reserve the right to cancel the event. If the event is cancelled, all entry fees will be fully refunded.

Entries will be selected on a first come, first serve basis. Cancellations must be made in writing to the Secretary of the Meeting either by post or e-mail and must be received before the entry list closes on Tuesday 3rd May 2016. In such cases a full refund will made. Cancellations after the closing date will be refunded at the Organiser’s discretion.

Final Instructions will be e-mailed or posted during the week prior to the event.

10. Entries should be sent to the Secretary of the Meeting, Nigel Abdullah, 35 Rushfield, Potters Bar, Herts. EN6 3HN (Telephone no. 07970 473 986 or

Entry places will not be reserved, all entries must be made as above.

11. Other officials are:

A. Joint Clerks of the Course - Dale Barker and Nigel Abdullah

B. Chief Marshal - Jason Chinn

C. Results Officer - Ellis Stokes

D. Scrutineer - Michael Helm

E. Registration Secretary - Tim Bancroft

Should you need to contact an official, please call Nigel Abdullah on 07970 473 986.

12. The programme for the Event will be;

Signing on commences at 08:00.

Scrutineering starts at 08:00.

Any competitor not signed on by 09:15 may be excluded.

There will be a drivers briefing at 09:15.

First car will start at 09:30 with an estimated event finish time of 16:30.

Lunch will be taken at the end of Test no.2 for 45 minutes should time allow, however should delays occur, lunch may be shortened or abandoned.

13. All vehicles will be scrutineered and must comply with MSA

Technical Regulations. All vehicles must be taxed and insured for the public road. A current MOT certificate must be produced at Scrutineering. Vehicles must be presented at Scrutineering with road legal tyres.

All cars must retain the original body profile above the hub centreline, apart from accessories such as spoilers and wheel arch extensions. Cars not conforming to this requirement, or one off ‘specials’ or kit cars of an ‘off road’ nature are not eligible for this event.

Suspension and transmission may be modified, within their original configuration.

Tyres marked for competition or racing use only or manufactured without a full thread pattern may not be used. Tyres within the MSA list 1B may not be used.

Engines must be of the original manufacture and original basic type and must be fitted within 7inches of the original position. The engines may be modified

and may be of a different capacity providing that the car is entered within the correct engine capacity class.

Transmission must be of original manufacture, internal parts may be changed, e.g ratios and differential type: All types of LSD are eligible.

Please ensure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition.

In particular, please make sure that your engine is as quiet as possible.

14. Details of tests will be sent out with the Final Instructions.

A. The test area is on tarmac.

B. The Event will consist of 4 test layouts, running one at a time. The first test layout will be run in one direction to completion by all competitors, then reverse direction until completion. The layout will be modified and again run in 2 directions. There will not be any lapping of layouts. Should time be short at the end of the day, the ‘runs’ to Test 4 could be reduced.

C. Competitors will be split into 2 groups; Red and Yellow.

D. Drivers will be given time to ‘Walk the Course’ before the start of each test layout.

E. Drivers will have 3 runs of each test, the two best scores of each test will count towards the entrants total time.

F. Timing will be by clocks held by the timing marshals at the Time Controls and the starting signal will be “in your own time”.

G. Timing will be in seconds and fractions of a second (1/100th).

15. Non-adhesive numbers will be supplied by the organisers and will be used to identify competing cars. These must be fixed to vehicle sides at the rear of the vehicle, so that they are visible to the marshals.

Masking tape will be available on request.

16. Penalties will be issued as follows:

A. Not reporting at Signing On Exclusion

B. Not reporting at Start in reasonable time + 20 Secs.

C. Taking an incorrect route on any course Maximum time

D. Striking any barrier, wall or marker cone + 5 Secs.

E. Failing to stop at any line or specified position + 10 Secs.

F. Missing a run or test No time

G. Not completing a full Marshalling stint Exclusion

H. Failing to stop when a red flag is shown Maximum time

‘Maximum Time’ is the quickest time in each class for that

test plus 20 seconds.

Competitors are reminded that the onus is on them to ensure that Timing Marshals correctly fill in their Time Cards before leaving the Control Area.

Competitors are expected to be ready to drive at their allotted time and to take their turn in order with the rest of their group. It will be considered unsporting to attempt all 3 drives on a given test, back to back, by leaving your drives until the last minute. The only exception to this is an authorised re-run, or reported mechanical problem.

All competitors must take part in ‘Marshalling Stints’ during the period stated within the ‘Driver Programme’ that all competitors will be given at signing on. Missing a stint could result in exclusion from the event. Competitors should ensure that they present themselves to the Chief Marshal, they will not be ‘rounded up’ or ‘chased’ by Officials.

Practicing will NOT be permitted, doing so may result in Event Exclusion.

17. Provisional results will be made available shortly after the end of the event and will be declared final 30 minutes thereafter. Protests and queries must be made before being declared final.

Awards will be presented at the end of the event.

18. Awards will be presented as follows:

A. Fastest Time of the Day (FTD).

B. First in each class.

C. Second in each class, subject to 5 starters.

D. Third in each class, subject to 10 starters.

E. Fastest Triumph.

F. Fastest Lady.

G. 1st Novice (defined as a person who has not previously

won an award at a Club Triumph AutoSolo)

No competitor may win more than one award.

19. Gaydon has toilets and a superb cafeteria within the Museum building, however, please remember not to get too comfortable, as lunch is to be kept short so we can get through all the tests.

20. If you are a Novice and new to this type of event, there are

plenty of experienced and helpful drivers, willing to give

advice and guidance to help settle you in.

21. The Club would like to thank the landowners for their kind assistance in the running of this Event.

22. The organising team look forward to receiving your entry, and seeing you on
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