Historic Stage Rallies All queries on eligibility please

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Re: Historic Stage Rallies All queries on eligibility please

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The roll over structure was only in the rally shells and the Luff shell. These were tested and passed for use without roll cages. There is a massive difference between a rally shell and a std Clan shell. There is woven roving and extra wood in the back around the rear floor and rear towers and the engine bay is double skinned and foam filled.
I am looking for a 6 point cage. The rear will mount ok, but at the front there aint much to mount to. I have seen tubes taken across the lower front legs and through the centre tunnel to give extra bearing. I also want the seats mounting to the cage, so some structure will be required. I see a trip to Custom cages coming on!

You are right they lied about production numbers, but that's not relevant for UK rallying, they ran in the day. All manufactures were making numbers up at the time and Clan fell foul of the tightening up of these rules. The 120s Skoda I have and the 130rs was never made in enough numbers to comply with their grp2 papers.
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Re: Historic Stage Rallies All queries on eligibility please

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Clan on Historic Stage Rallies

Hi Guys,
I ran a 1971 K-reg Clan on the 2001 Ypres Historic and won my class, albeit against not much competition!
I sold it and it is in Ireland now, but I still have a photocopy of the HRVIF I obtained for it.
Basically, it was the same mechanical spec as my 998 Historic Imp - Viva discs, Webers, front rad, rear RAC springs, etc.
The steel cage main hoop attached to the rear suspension crossmember, the front legs curved inwards across the floor stopping at the tunnel and attached to two big steel plates (a foot square?) in the footwells. Can't remember where the rear legs went.
It was an ex-race car with a Luff shell so had a big tunnel and wide sills. The seats (don't think there were the same dating rules then) only just fitted in. It was all very tight!
If I can answer any questions for you, please ask or PM me.
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Re: Historic Stage Rallies All queries on eligibility please

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Please could you help me?
I Rallied in the late 70's in an Imp.
Would you have any old photos of my car.
I have attached pics of the Imp.
Many Thanks
Ed Linton
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